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Princess Diana Wedding Doll
Prince Charles and Princess Diana Wedding Dolls by Peggy Nesbit
Princess Diana by Titus Tomescu, Ashton Drake Galleries
Princess Diana
Princess Diana
Royal Portrait by Titus Tomescu
Ashton Drake Galleries
Prince Charles & Diana
by artist Peggy Nisbet
(more on Peggy Nisbet in our resource area)
Princess Diana
by artist Titus Tomescu
Ashton Drake Galleries


Rose, Character on the movie, Titanic
Rose, Character from Titanic, The Movie
Kate Middleton
Marilyn Monroe
Jane Seymour as her characters in the movies
Bride Doll, Danbury Mint
In the movie, Titanic, played by
"Somewhere In Time"
"The Edwardian"
"The 50's"
actress Kate Winslet
Franklin Mint


Lucille Ball Doll, Walk of Fame, by Corliss Scott
I Love Lucy Doll, Vitameatavegamin, 60th Anniversary, Lucille Ball
Lou Gehrig Doll, The Iron Horse, by Titus Tomescu
John Wayne Doll
Jack and Jackie Kennedy Dolls, Franklin Mint
Lucille Ball
"I Love Lucy"
Lou Gehrig
John Wayne
John & Jackie Kennedy
Walk of Fame, by Corliss Scott
The Iron Horse
Franklin Mint
Franklin Mint
60th Anniversary, Lucille Ball
by artist Titus Tomescu
Ashton Drake Galleries


La Befana, Holiday Treasures by Rosemary Volpi
Jane, Costume by Edith Head
Miss America, 1960, by Robert Tonner
Prince Charming and Cinderella, Dolls by Jerri
La Befana
Miss America 1960
Prince Charming & Cinderella
Character of Italian folklore, by Rosemary Volpi
Costume by Edith Head
by Robert Tonner
Dolls by Jerri




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