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Madame Beatrice Alexander

Madame Beatrice Alexander, founder of the Alexander Doll CompanyMadame Alexander Self Portrait DollBeatrice Alexander (originally Bertha) was born in New York on March 19, 1895. The year she was born, her stepfather started the first Doll Hospital in the United States. Dolls then were made of porcelain and highly breakable

The contrast between the wealth of her stepfather's clients and the poor area she lived in made a lasting impression on Beatrice and shelearned to dream big. When she was older and her family's business wasstruggling, she and her sisters spent long hours sewing clothdolls that flew off the shelves.

In 1923, Beatrice started the Alexander Doll Company. "Madame Alexander" was a shrewd and innovative businesswoman who insisted upon quality and durability. Her reputation for life-like features and excellence of manufacturing earned her several commissions including one for dolls that recreated the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

By 1939 she was hailed by her peers in business as the "Queen of Dolls". Although Beatrice Alexander past away in 1990, thousands of dolls being sold today still carry her name.

Madame Alexander's self portrait doll, shown to the left was placed on the market in 1984. She is 21" tall, made of hard plastic with a socketed head and jointed arms and legs. She is wearing a long pink chiffon gown with a silk scarf and a matching pink purse.

Madame Alexander Dolls

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Betty Taylor Bliss, 
                  First Ladies Series, Set #2, Madame Alexander Doll
Sarah Jackson, First 
                  Ladies Series, Set #2, Madame Alexander Doll
Sarah Polk, First 
                  Ladies Series, Set #2, Madame Alexander Doll
Betty Taylor Bliss
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Polk

Madame Alexander, First Ladies Series, Set #2

Angelica Van Buren, 
                  First Ladies Series, Set #2, Madame Alexander Doll
Julia Tyler, 
                  First Ladies Series, Set #2, Madame Alexander Doll
Jane Fidlay, 
                  First Ladies Series, Set #2, Madame Alexander Doll
Angelica Van Buren
Julia Tyler
Jane Findlay

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Madame Alexander created six unique sets of "First Ladies" dolls, totalling thirty-six president's wives . The Museum displays five out of six of these sets. Those available to see are sets one through five.






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